Dissent in Iberia: the ideal points of justices on the Spanish and Portuguese Constitutional Tribunals


Chris Hanretty


April 24, 2012


In this article, the non-unanimous decisions of the Portuguese and Spanish Constitutional Tribunals for the periods 1989–2009 and 2000–2009 are analysed. It is shown that judicial dissent can be predicted moderately well on the basis of judicial ideal points along a single dimension. This dimension is equivalent to the left–right cleavage in both Portugal and Spain. The characteristics of the recovered dimension are demonstrated by analysing both the properties of the cases and the properties of the justices who decided them.


You can access the version that was accepted by the journal here. The (gated) version of record can be found here.

Replication data

You can find replication data at the Harvard dataverse


Hanretty, Chris. 2012. “Dissent in Iberia: The Ideal Points of Justices on the Spanish and Portuguese Constitutional Tribunals.” European Journal of Political Research 51 (5): 671–92. http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1475-6765.2012.02056.x.