The Italian media between market and politics


Chris Hanretty


February 15, 2010


The Italian media has traditionally suffered from a lack of autonomy from politics. This lack of autonomy has historical roots. Owners of print and (later) broadcast media have found it difficult to profit, and have thus pursued political goals instead. This has had consequences for the types of journalists recruited. The public broadcaster RAI has thus found it difficult to resist pressure from politicians, pressure which antedates Berlusconi’s entry into politics, but which has been accentuated because of it. The issue of the independence of RAI and the duopoly in the television market thus remain substantial and unresolved issues for the Italian media.


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Hanretty, Chris. 2010. “The Italian Media Between Market and Politics.” In Italy Today: The Sick Man of Europe, edited by Andrea Mammone and Giuseppe A. Veltri. London: Routledge.